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2013 Tokyo Motor Show: Honda CEO says Compromising the Environment Will Not be Tolerated

At a press conference on November 20th, Honda President Takanobu Ito restated that, “Moving forward, the cars we produce can not just be fast or cool. No compromise for environmental awareness will be accepted.”

Ito expressed, “Honda announced the Earth Dream Technology, a new generation of powertrain technology that allows for higher dimensions of drive and environmental performance, two years ago. Within those two years, we have expanded upon and evolved that technology considerably. We have introduced the single-motor i-DCD and twin-motor iMMD, and we plan to equip the Acura RLX and NSX with a triple-motor sports hybrid SH-AWD.”

Further, Honda’s President emphasized “We have upgraded the direct engine gasoline VTEC Turbo engine from 1 liter to 2 liters, which we plan to equip to new models subsequently. Through the downsizing of the direct injection turbo system and exhaust of the VTEC Turbo, we have created an engine that is at the top of its class in terms of output capabilities and environmental performance.”

Finally, Ito mentioned, “Honda plans on competing in the F1 series again in the 2015 season. While the competition over environmental technologies is growing fiercer due to new regulations, I expect we will receive feedback towards realizing the mass-production of those technologies through competing in the series. This is the real benefit of participating. Yesterday, we started-up the engine under development.” After he said this, a powerful engine roar echoed through the halls of the venue.

Honda President Ito Takanobu

Honda Press Conference

Honda Press Conference

Honda Press Conference

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